Welcome to ArmaServicesNET Blackjack installation guide. Please follow these simple steps to avoid any errors while installing this module:

Step 1. Open your Altis Life mission file, open the description.ext and add the following line #include “config\ASN_BlackjackConfig.hpp”
Step 2. Copy and paste the folder “config”, “images”, and “dialog” from the Mission folder found in the download to your mission root.
Step 3. Open your Arma 3 Server Directory. (The same folder as your Arma3server.exe) Within downloaded zip file you will find a PBO named “ASN_Blackjack”, drag the pbo into the addons folder of the root folder named “@life_server” in your Arma 3 Server Directory.
Step 4. Finally, to get the menu to open for the player to be able to play Blackjack, add the following code to an npc/sign.
this addAction [“Play Blackjack”, {[] spawn ASN_fnc_BlackjackOpen}];

Additional Information

Any further feature request or support, feel free to reach out to me in the official armaservices discord!
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