Welcome to ArmaServicesNET Custom Names installation guide. Please follow these simple steps to avoid any errors while installing this module:

Step 1. Open your Altis Life mission file, open the description.ext and add the following line #include “config\ASN_CustomNamesConfig.hpp”
Step 2. Copy and paste the folder “config”, “core”, and “dialog” from the Mission folder found in the download to your mission root.
Step 3. Open the “CfgRemoteExec.hpp” file, and copy and paste into your “CfgRemoteExec.hpp” as shown in the file.
Step 4. Now its time to open up the string table and copy it over to yours, select from “<Package” to “</Package>” and navigate to your string table. Once you are in yours, right after the project header, paste the following that you copied.
Step 5. Open your Arma 3 Server Directory. (The same folder as your Arma3server.exe) Within downloaded zip file you will find a PBO named “ASN_CustomNames”, drag the pbo into the addons folder of the root folder named “@life_server” in your Arma 3 Server Directory.
Step 6. Finally, if you don’t want to use the scroll wheel action in the core folder, use the following code below to open the set name however you prefer.
[] call ASN_fnc_SetName;

Additional Information

Any further feature request or support, feel free to reach out to me in the official ArmaServices discord!
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