Step 1: Open your mission file, put this at the top of your description.ext file: #include “Anxious\Anx_Config_Handler.hpp”

Step 2: Open your mission file, in your CfgRemoteExec.hpp file, find this line: jip = 0;. Under that line put this: #include “Anxious\Anx_RemoteExec_Handler.hpp”

Step 3: Place the included file “ASN_Anx_RobberySystem.pbo” in your @life_server\addons folder.

Step 4: Place the included folder “Anxious” inside of your mission files root.

Step 5: Configure the config found in “Anxious\RobberySystem”

Step 6: Add this line to any Object that you would like a person to be able to rob: this addAction [“Rob”, {[“gasStation”, cursorObject] spawn Anx_fnc_startRobbery}];

Additional Instructions:

To add new robberies do the following:

In the config found in “Anxious\RobberySystem”, you can create a new class, by copying and pasting the default “gasStation” class, once done, you can modify each paramater to your liking.

To use this new Robbery, you will need to add the following to the object you wish someone to be able to rob: this addAction [“Rob”, {[“YOUR NEW CLASS”, cursorObject] spawn Anx_fnc_startRobbery}];

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