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Assets Library:

  • Works with any framework.
  • Minimum configuration.
  • Maximum details: user interface that allows you to read extended information about game assets not displayed in base game.
    • Items generic information: Mass, author, classname, DLC.
    • Vehicles: Inventory size, virtual inventory size (life framework), durability, max RPM, max speed, seats count, fuel capacity/consumption rates, magazines used in vehicle weapons.
    • Weapons: Effective firing distance, recoil and compensation rates, projectile launch speed, ammo used (detailed), attachments used (detailed).
    • Magazines: direct damage, indirect damage, projectile speed, visible fire range.
    • Explosives: damage, damage radius, bounding time (mines), bounding radius (mines).
    • Equipment: ballistic and explosive protection ratios (vests, helmets), inventory size.
    • Backpacks: inventory size, virtual inventory size (life framework).
    • Buildings: durability values – mostly designed for preview.
    • Containers: anything that can store items and their inventory size.
    • Vehicle ammunition: similar to magazines, allows to preview details of vehicles ammunition.
  • Browsing: you can open new tabs, close them, minimize them, move them across the screen, preview all pictures – like in any nowadays browser.
  • Cross-linked: You can open related items in a new tab without browsing them – for example, you can open magazine page in a new tab browsing a weapon that uses it.


  • You can specify keyboard key to open library.
  • You can specify condition to open library.
  • You can specify the categories and items listed in categories by condition.

Additional Information:

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Assets Library
Assets Library



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