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Custom Inventory



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Custom Inventory:

  • SQF-based inventory module with extended functionality.
    • Drag&Drop: Items can be moved/equipped/unequipped by dragging and dropping the item in slot or list of items
    • Context menu: Items can be moved/equipped/unequipped by RMB context menu, empty gear slots can be equipped with corresponding item.
    • Gear Swap: You can simply swap current gear with another, backpack can be swapped to another keeping the content.
    • Quantity: You can move multiple items by holding SHIFT button
    • Specific Functions: You can unload all the content of current backpack, disassemble weapon attachments, take everything from container and put everything with a single click.
    • Visuals: ALT button will intuitevly fade interface, TAB button will enable compact mode for faster item movement
  • Ready-to-use example mission.


  • Open-sourced.
  • No specific module configuration required.

Additional information:

  • Inventory is based on backpack storage, uniforms and vests do not carry any loot (functionally and visually), however techincally (scripted) this is still possible.



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Custom Inventory
Custom Inventory



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