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  • Works with any framework.
  • Minimum configuration.
  • Allows players to sing up as a detective to investigate the crimes occurring to other player in the world. Crimes are divided by three categories: suicide, murder and vehicle incidents. Detectives will be notified about death events and will be able to solve the case in two stages:
    • Stage 1: searching for the clues on the crime scene to get more details about the dead person. Searching for clues will lead to next stage.
    • Stage 2: Finding a “ghost” evidence (see example pictures below). Detective will  have to find a snapshot of a killer and investigate it in order to close the case and receive reward.


  • You can specify the currency variable used.
  • You can specify the reward amount

Additional Information:

  • “Ghost” entities are not visible to other players, have no collision, invincible and not exploitable in gameplay meanings and are deleted after the case is solved.
  • Evidence is always reachable even if its a flying object or ship – you only need a direct line of sight to “ghost” entity in order to complete the case.


Video description WIP


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