Education System

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A complete education framework. Configure schools and subjects and create roleplay hotspots.




A complete education framework to fulfill several wishes. Players can go to any school or university and learn any subject you want. You can use these subjects to allow or to improve things for players.

Make your players smarter and create some very cool roleplay hotspots!


  • Create schools or universities as you please
  • Create subjects for the schools or universities as you please
  • Players need to learn in the school or university for days
  • You can configure how many days and how long they have to learn each day
  • Players need to be in a configurable range around the school object while learning, so there is a perfect roleplay hotspot¬† where they can talk with other students
  • Subjects can cost something or be completely free
  • You can allow players with a graduation in a subject what you want! There are no limits for your creativity!
  • The Education System is a roleplay based good completement¬† for a XP system

Examples of use:

  • Make repairing, processing, lockpicking etc. faster
  • Use it as requirement for the duty as cop or paramedic
  • Use it as requirement for specific vehicles or vehicle shops
  • Use it as requirement for any script you want!

Again: There are no limits for your creativity!


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