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Metal Detector Job


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Metal Detection:

  • Works with any framework (real items only for non-Tonic framework).
  • Glitch-free: module was tested for any possible glitches.
  • Open-sourced client addon.
  • Scavenge and unearth the world terrain for hidden goods.
  • Supports both real and virtual items.
  • Simple intreaction mode to enjoy the gameplay.
  • Dynamic scripted points generator: points are generated all around the world automaticly.


  • You can specify amount of points generated in player area.
  • You can specify the maximum density (range) of points generation.
  • You can specify points memory range for script to regenerate new random points on-fly.
  • You can specify metal detector sensitivity (range of detection).
  • You can specify notification messages for loot.
  • You can enable debug mode: this mode allows you to see the patterns of generated points (see screenshots) – easy way to build and test your own patterns.
  • You can specify what lootbox object to create, when no inventory space left.
  • You can specify loot tables: classnames, amounts and chances for each of possible terrain types (look for details in config file).

Addon classnames:

  • Weapon: “asn_cakedetector” (F75 Metal Detector – Handgun Slot).


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