NPC Dialogs


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NPC Dialogs:

  • Works with any framework.
  • Camera: animated camera focused on NPC to create a cutscene immersion.
  • Animated: NPC will always turn towards you from any angle, will use animation from specified dialog and will lip-sync every text according to its length.
  • Layered: you can switch dialog within the same dialog seamless, without limits.
  • Functional: you can execute code and/or functions when answer is selected (client-side).
  • Ready-to-use: built-in keyhandler to activate dialog with example configuration.


  • You can change color scheme and interaction key.
  • You can distinguish every NPC:
    • You can set NPC name.
    • You can set NPC title.
    • You can set condition required for dialog to open.
    • You can set which dialog NPC should start from.
  • You can create your dialogs using simple config file:
    • You can set a structured text of a dialog.
    • You can set NPC animation used for particular dialog.
    • You can force rename NPC (change name and title when this dialog opens).
    • You can create dialog answers without any limits.
    • You can set answer text, picture, condition, and executed code.
  • You can set global condition for dialog.

Additional Information:

  • No global (broadcasting) commands are used, effects of animations and state changes are only visible to current user (local).



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NPC Dialogs
NPC Dialogs



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