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Marker Hints:

  • Open-sourced perks backend.
  • 46 built-in perks: Total span of points for all perks is ~250 levels overall.
  • Medical System: Built-in medical system providing bleeding, fractures of head, legs, hands with related effects.
  • Immersive: Built with the best UI/UX practices, built-in videos showcases, navigation and usage in single clicks.
  • Flexible: You can build your own perks and change existing perks using SQF – perks code is fully open. All required actions and functions are explained within a configuration file.
  • Non-intrusive: Code base is compact and do not require hardcore integration


  • Not hardcoded.
  • You can edit existing perks or create a new one using single HPP and some SQF knowledge.
  • You can enable\disable medical system in single line of code.
  • You can change the exponential value of experience required for each level – all experience is based on single natural logarithm formula.
  • You can set a level cap of experience exponential growth.
  • You can change currency variable and amount used to respec perks.
  • You can define thirst and hunger variables or leave blank for non-Life frameworks.
  • You change every visuals: including videos, pictures, names and descriptions of every existing perks.

Additional Information:

  • Mod usage is not mandatory.
  • This product is built against Life Framework (5.0.0) althou it’s not hardcoded to it – you can partially run it on any other framework as is. Otherwise you can simply change any perks listed.
  • If you want to create your own videos for your perks, you can do next way: format a video in H.264 or similar codecs and convert it to OGG/OGV using Theora codec. To easily convert you can use VLC Media Player software.


3 reviews for Perks System

  1. IceEagle132 (verified owner)

    Very well done and really easy to setup, Allows you to have something new in your server other then a basic skill tree. One of the really cool things is the videos for all the skills. A lot of time and thought was put into this. You will half to have a modded server to use this, but very much worth the investment.

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  2. (verified owner)

    Very little documented, I thought it was easy to configure.

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  3. Protogun (verified owner)

    Works fine and easy to configure.

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Perks System
Perks System



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