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Radial Menu:

  • Open-source SQF-based actions configuration.
  • Open-source .PAA graphics.
  • Built-in Tonic Framework actions configuration.
  • A sophisticated replacement for all trivial interaction menus.
  • No-click interaction: drag and drop mouse over the action to activate.
  • On-hold style display: hold and release action key to open and close the display.


  • Configuration file is an open-sourced SQF script – you can script your own menus.
  • Graphics are open-sourced.

Specification: Radial Menu

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  1. GenApophis (verified owner)

    I really like the Skript and think it looks wonderful, but to be honest, i wouldn’t buy it because it is seems overpriced for what it is (in my personal opinion).
    The Fact that you need to install an .dll File make’s it difficult to handle because if anything on the ASN-Side is not working correctly, for example maintaince work,you can’t restart your server and you won’t be able to start until all Problems are solved.
    After the Question what the purpose of the dll is it took a long disscusion till i got a mostly clear answer so i’m not completly sure what it whole purpose of it is.

    So bottom line:
    + It looks nice
    + Easy to configuraty (after it works)

    – price to high
    – to high risk of a service interruption
    – unclear answers

    • Demellion Dismal

      Greetings! Thanks for your feedback, we will take that in consideration and improve our service towards that. Please follow our products updates!


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