Robbery System

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Anxious’ Robbery System:

  • Works with Altis Life v5.0.0
  • The Robbery System is a fully customizable and modular robbery system.


  • You can create a new type of robbery in a couple of minutes, just by creating a new config class. Instructions on how to do so come with the system, its very simple.
  • Every notification is customizable through a very simple config.
  • Each Robbery can be customized to your standards.
  • Set how many cops are needed for each robbery.
  • Set how much the player gets paid for each robbery.
  • Set how long the robbery takes to complete for each robbery.
  • Set how far the player can move away from the robbery before it fails for each robbery.
  • Set if the player requires a weapon to start each robbery.
  • Set what the player gets from the robbery, includes: Money, Items, Money & Items for each robbery.
  • Set if the player should do an animation while robbing.


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