Safezones System



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  • Works with any framework.
  • Safezones are assigned to specific markers automaticly.
  • Penalty system: shooting a weapon or killing a player gives a timed penalty to enter the safezone.
  • Prevents any player or vehicle damage in safezone area.
  • Disables firing from vehicle turrets in safezone area.
  • Disables firing from unit weapons in safezone area.
  • Disables the ability to throw grenades or to put explosives on the ground.
  • Forces to holster a weapon while in safezone area.
  • (Global) Forces to holster a weapon when pointing it on nearby NPC.
  • (Global) Disables weapon direct fire upon NPC from any distance.


  • To create a safezone, you need to place a mission marker with safezone_ in its name.
  • You can specify allowed weapons to use in the safezone, tazers for example.
  • You can specify a time of a penalty for killing a player or shooting a weapon.
  • You can disable a penalty for specific sides.
  • You can specify your admins SteamUID’s to disable the safezone behaviour for them.
  • You can specify a message and text showing up when player is not allowed to enter.

Additional Information:

  • Script-based action behaviour is not locked by safezones, to disable your specific actions inside safezone you should look for player getVariable ["SZLocked",false] code return.

Specification: Safezones System

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