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Simple AH:

  • Works with any framework.
  • Server Configuration Scanner: server will be scanned for any known exploits related to server configuration. Such as remote execution exploits, command exploits and overall server integrity.
  • SecureSQF: an heuristic mechanism to target and eliminate scripted execution, starting from actions ending up with bare code execution prevention.
  • Anti-Dupe & Lag Eliminated: supressed all common ways of duping based on engine imperfections. Lag elimination system will provide preventive actions against several duping methods, related to connectivity loss.
  • Variable Tracker: ability to track down suspicous actions around currency variables by amount gained or activity frequency. Ability to log every currency transaction done by a players.
  • Logging System: every suspicious action will be recorded to a file with preformatted name, logged into server RPT file and sent as a message to all current active admins using a built-in notification system or Custom Notification System in case last one is used.


  • You can specify admin SteamIDs to bypass module checks.
  • You can specify file-logs format and path.
  • You can specify level and verbose of logged actions.
  • You can specify variables to track for suspicious changes: by amount and frequency of changes.
  • You can specify currency variables to log using amount threshold.
  • You can exclude your framework specific display IDDs from checks.
  • You can set a ping threshold to avoid possible false-positives on ping checks.
  • You can specify your keywords to detect like variables, functions, etc.
  • (Optional) You can use client addon to add more support from client-side addon.

Additional information:

  • More detailed information about how to configure advanced parts of this module is included inside configuration file.


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Simple AH
Simple AH



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