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Vehicle Shops


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Gear Shop:

  • Works with any framework.
  • High-end user interface and experience.
  • Highly intuitive and keyboard-free interaction.
  • Preview of purchased vehicles with customized scene.
  • Coloring by predefined colors and RGBA sliders.
  • Ability to apply materials to vehicles (basic materials included).
  • Ability to apply custom textures to vehicles from game addons and mod.
  • Automatic items sorting – by default, price from lowest, price from highest, alphabetically.
  • Specific preview tooltip: max speed, rpm, virtual/real space, armor, fuel capacity.


  • You can specify the currency variable used.
  • You can specify the format of displayed currency.
  • You can specify a color presets, material presets.
  • You can specify which building will be used in preview.
  • You can create your own shops:
    • You can specify shop title.
    • You can specify shop description.
    • You can specify shop condition.
    • You can specify if vehicle should be only saved in database.
    • You can specify which marker vehicle will spawn at (default: nearby player)
  • You can specify vehicle parameters:
    • You can specify price of the vehicle.
    • You can specify modes: can be colored, can use materials, can use textures.
    • You can specify custom textures to be used.

Additional Information:

  • You can override server functions in case you want to edit SQL query with this paste. To override functions you can place them in init.sqf of a server.



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Vehicle Shops
Vehicle Shops



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