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Better Achievements:

  • Works with any framework.
  • No database required.
  • Immersive: An in-game addition focused on actual gameplay moments, rather than default achievements – spare some time to kill your boredom in more effective way.
  • Global: Your achievements data is stored profile-wide, meaning the progress is saved between servers with the same module.
  • Flexible: You can create your own custom achievements and use the module functionallity with just one function call.


  • You can specify a default key to call user interface (default: TAB).
  • You can create your own achievements (will be listed first):
      • You can specify title, description, reward description.
      • You can specify milestones (aka needed amount).
      • You can specify reward code-action for completing the achievement.
      • You can specify if achievement is secret and is hidden until achieved.
  • Localization stringtable (built-in EN/RU localization).

Additional Information:

List of Achievements (EN)

Friendly in Cherno? – Spend total of 10 hours playing on the server.
Seasoned – Spend total of 100 hours playing on the server.
I Need a Stick – Spend total of 500 hours playing on the server.
Listen Kid – Spend total of 1000 hours playing on the server.
Tourist – Travel 10000 meters by feet.
Rider on The Storm – Travel 50000 meters being a driver of a land vehicle.
Helicalypse Now – Travel 100000 meters being a pilot of an aircraft vehicle.
Ain’t no Landlubber – Travel 25000 meters being a driver of a watercraft vehicle.
Lead Rain – Perform total 10000 shots from an infrantry weapon.
Full Metal Jack It – Perform total 20000 shots from an vehicle weapon.
John Sick – Reload any weapon empty magazine 500 times.
Boom Baby! – Throw 100 grenades.
The World is on Fire – Throw 500 grenades.
Low Profile – Pilot any aircraft at 3 meters over the terrain with vehicle speed higher than 200km/h.
Hello World – Perform a halo jump from a height of 500 meters above the ground.
Smack-o-Hummer – Destroy total of 25 land vehicles.
Flight Delayed – Destroy total of 25 aircraft vehicles.
Down It Goes – Destroy total of 25 ships.
Strength in Numbers – Be a part of a group with total of 10 members.
One Man Harmy – Experience explosion damage 100 times.
Give me a Break – Experience explosion damage 500 times.
Get Tu Da Choppa – Enter an aircraft vehicle being exhausted.
All Dressed Up – Equip every inventory slot at the same time.
This Is Fine – Get burn damage 100 times.
Hoarder – Put 1000 items inside any storage (not ground).
Grabber – Take 1000 items out of any storage (not ground).
Maximum Payne – Suffer total of 2500 cumulative damage.
Hold my Throttle – Switch controls to your co-pilot.
Bump Theft Auto – Bump your vehicle into any obstacle 100 times.
Me Stake – Accidentally kill yourself with your own infrantry weapon.
Itchy Finger – Accidentaly kill yourself with your own grenade.
Ergonomy Failure – Be a driver of a vehicle left without fuel.
That Escalated Quickly – Be a witness of 10 buildings go down ruins (you must be standing on the ground).
Not Smart Enough – Kill a player that recently launched a guided missile at your aircraft.
Here Kitty Kitty – Kill 50 animals.
Not Again – Let somebody take over your vehicle 25 times, who needs a keys right?
Fire It Up – Start engine of vehicle 250 times (vehicles should be different).
My Dudes – Occupy every vehicle seat with your teammates (at least 4 seats vehicle).
Stop Trying to Hit Me – Fire 1000 rounds of aircraft countermeasures.
Hollywood Blockbuster – Fire 500 rounds without reloading.
250 Noscope – Fire 250 rounds from a sniper rifle not using scope or sights.
Gotta Go Fast – Reach supersonic speed using aircraft vehicle.
+8 Secret Achievements

1 review for Better Achievements

  1. michaelbelew (verified owner)

    The code is well written. Although some of the handlers run every second, the performance is not bad. In my testing with the unmodified code, I saw only a 1 fps difference between running Better Achievements and not running Better Achievements.

    The in code comments are ok, but I wish there was slightly better documentation for making modifications (adding/removing achievements). If you have some experience with Arma coding you will be able to figure it out.

    The installation instructions assume you are running Altis Life so if you are not running Altis Life, you will have to figure out how to install Better Achievements on your own.

    Overall I would recommend Better Achievements to other server administrators.

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Better Achievements
Better Achievements



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