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Extended Gear



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Extended Gear:

  • Works with any framework.
  • Compatible with All-In-One Lootbox module and any other virtual storages.
  • Fully revamped vanilla gear interaction style.
  • Fully revamped virtual items interaction style.
  • Extended vanilla lists: players can operate with all possible gear lists at once, without switching uniform, vest, backpack, vehicle or ground tabs.
  • Extended virtual lists: players can operate with all virtual items just by clicks, without buttons and count inputs.
  • Extended tooltip: show all items details with a single click (firepower, protection rate, recoil rates, virtual item prices, maximum load, etc.).
  • Extended tooltip: show the list of equipped weapon compatible items (bipods, scopes, sights, magazines, etc.).
  • Extended tooltip: compare selected item with a previous one.
  • Built-in antidupe protection for virtual items.
  • Built-in virtual items ground cleaner.
  • Built-in help page (press H while inventory is open).
  • Ability to disable/enable Extended Tooltip.
  • Ability to disable/enable Extended Gear.
  • Ballistic/Explosive protection calculator.

Extended Virtual:

  • Inherits all Extended Gear behaviour to make virtual items interaction closer to vanilla (real) items.
  • Gives ability to put any possible virtual items on the ground.
  • Gives ability to store money in any of described containers (storages, ground).
  • Virtual items stored on the ground has a specific model to determine it visually.
  • Easy interaction with only mouse buttons similar to real inventory items.
  • Respects default framework functions: fn_useItem, fn_vehStoreItemfn_vehTakeItem
  • Sorts virtual items by their values – descending by the sell price value.


  • Localization files (coming soon).
  • You can configure the model used to visualize virtual items on the ground. *
  • You can configure amount of money moved per click or stack click.
  • You can configure virtual currency variable to your own.
  • You can specify a virtual currency icon.
  • You can specify a cleanup time for virtual items on the ground. **

Additional Information:

  • * – be sure not too use huge models, as they might cover the container accessible range.
  • ** – this timer is renewed once container is open, or new virtual items moved from/to container.
  • This module has some specific limitations due to how Arma 3 Engine handles gear, read guide for details.



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Extended Gear
Extended Gear



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