Hazard Zones


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Hazard Zones:

  • Works with any framework.
  • Mission-styled radiation zones with loot.
  • Building Loot: Surrounding buildings are randomly populated with loot you’ve specified.
  • Dead Body Loot: Area will be randomly populated with dead bodies carrying loot.
  • Wreck Loot: High-end gear randomly spawned within the zone area.
  • Radiation: be prepared and be geared to meet the invisible danger.
  • Sound effects are included.


  • You can simply specify zone locations with markers, set radius, randomize zones order per restart.
  • You can set your own gear required for radiation protection.
  • You can set a value of irradiation level that will be lethal for a player.
  • You can enable/disable vehicle restrictions: all vehicles in area will have engines damaged over time.
  • You can enable/disable all three modes of loot spawning.
  • You can specify which buildings classes will be populated, how much loot per building to spawn, classes of containers spawned.
  • You can specify every loot details with chances, random amount, etc.
  • You can specify how much dead bodies will be spawned and their gear.
  • You can specify which types of wrecks will be spawned, how much per zone, which containers types they will provide and how much containers it will spawn.

Additional Information:

  • You can get and set radiation level for your own purposes.


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Hazard Zones
Hazard Zones



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