Football installation guide

Welcome to ArmaServicesNET Football installation guide. Please follow these simple steps to avoid any errors while installing this module:

Step 1. Open your Altis Life mission file, open the description.ext and add the following line #include “config\CfgKaz_Football.hpp”.

Step 2. Copy the file CfgKaz_Football.hpp in the config folder of your mission. Open the file then and edit it like you want.

Step 3. In core folder, open init.sqf and add in the bottom the following line [“INIT”] spawn Kaz_foot_fnc_foot.

Step 4. Open CfgRemoteExec.hpp and add the following line F(Kaz_foot_fnc_foot,ANYONE).

Additional Information

Here is the classname of the ball : Kaz_ballonFoot

And of the 2 shirts :



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