This page contains a detailed description to every error may occur during server launch.

Error 100 - Addon is not permitted
Product with this error is not in your products list.

  • Please check your Control Panel to see if this product is owned by you.
  • Please check if you are using a customer key with this specific product.
  • Product might not be delivered due to technical issues, please contact support team.

Error 101 - Extensions are not found
You are missing an extensions needed for products to work.

  • Please follow the core installation guide.
  • Please check if you placed your extensions in a server root or the server addons folder (@life_server for example).
  • Check extension for compatibility issues with your current environment using callExtension checker. You can use this code line to check extension – return should not be empty.

"arma3urlfetch" callExtension ["SENDRQ",[["#url","","#method","GET"]]];

  • Windows users might be missing C++ redists needed. Please follow official page to check if you are missing some of them in order of descending. You can use this all-in-one package instead from external source.
  • Windows users should check the architecture of your operating system for compatibility with extension you used in installation process. 64-bit extension cannot be used by 32-bit OS.
  • Linux users should check the chmod permissions or users/groups permissions for the extensions. Extension should have permissions alike 755 to properly execute.
  • Linux users should check core dependencies to be installed using ldd command. Most of popular OS like Debian have all dependencies compiled by default.
  • Windows 2012 (R2), Windows 8/7 and earlier versions of server OS are not supported – these operating systems  are considered outdated.
  • Debian 8, CentOS 7, FreeBSD 11.2 and earlier versions of Unix systems are not supported – these operating systems are considered outdated.
  • Early builds of Debian 9 might not be supported, latest supported version is considered to be Debian 9.10

Error 102/1021 - Bad customer key specified
You didn’t specify the customer key, or it’s not valid.

Error 103 - URL failed
Extensions wasn’t able to send and validate request due to Firewall, NAT or UAC restrictions.

  • Please check if your Firewall or NAT settings allow your server to send HTTP/S requests to our Web-API using 443 and 80 ports.
  • Please be sure you are running your server under administrator priveledges.
  • Windows users might have specific registry limitations, please use this registry files to remove them.
  • Windows users might have extensions to be restricted from execution, please use these guides: Guide #1, Guide #2

Error 104 - Addons should be running on server
You’ve installed a product package to your client side, not a server.

Error 108 - Unexpected HTTP
Your server was able to connect and register on the Web-API but wasnt able to recieve a data in response.

  • Destination might be unreachable according to HTTP code. Please check and report this to our staff.
  • Your Firewall or NAT has restrictions for incoming traffic – please be sure your server is able to recieve response from our Web-API.

Error 109 - Account validation failed
Your account was suspended or your server was unable to read your personal data from our Control Panel

  • Please check the integrity of your key addon.
  • Please check if your asn_core addon is up to date.
  • Your country or network subnet might be listed in our Cloudflare challenge list and extension can’t obviously pass the human verification – please contact us via ticket system.
  • If your account is suspended – make a new ticket in a ticket system.

Error 110 - Core module malfunction
Your server environment tried to change the workflow of a core module. Your server might have a 3rd-party addons with scripted malware (virus). 

  • Please check your 3rd-party installed addons.
  • Report this case to our core developer.

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