Robbery System Install Guide

Welcome to ArmaServicesNET Robbery System installation guide. Please follow these simple steps to avoid any errors while installing this module:

Step 1. Open your mission file, open the description.ext and add the following line: #include “Anxious\Anx_Config_Handler.hpp”
Step 2.  In your mission file, open the CfgRemoteExec.hpp and paste this below line 18: #include “Anxious\Anx_RemoteExec_Handler.hpp”
Step 3.  Open your Arma 3 Server Directory. (The same folder as your Arma3server.exe) Within downloaded zip file you will find a PBO named “ASN_Anx_RobberySystem”, drag the pbo into the addons folder of the root folder named “@life_server” in your Arma 3 Server Directory.

Step 4.  You can now configure the system by opening the file “config.hpp” found in your mission “Anxious\RobberySystem\”

Step 5.  Now, you can add this line onto any object that you would like someone to be able to rob.
this addAction [“Rob”, {[“gasStation”, cursorObject] spawn Anx_fnc_startRobbery}];
Additional Information

To add new robberies do the following:

In the config found in “Anxious\RobberySystem”, you can create a new class, by copying and pasting the default “gasStation” class, once done, you can modify each paramater to your liking.

To use this new Robbery, you will need to add the following to the object you wish someone to be able to rob:

this addAction [“Rob”, {[“YOUR NEW CLASS”, cursorObject] spawn Anx_fnc_startRobbery}];

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