Code of Conduct

1. General

  1. We are free developers team, not communistic – no one is bound to a rank or specific priveledges related to a role. You can participate in every discussion, contribute with your personal opinion, start new discussions, even that can be controversial, unless the subject of your messages does imply discrimination of other staff members, customers or service in overall. Your subject should conclude competence and reason.
  2. You should be polite to our customers no matter what subject they do provide. When subject contains explicit discrimination, agitation, swearing or any other rule-breaking content in general – do not be emotional or impulsive, try to comprehend the subject, otherwise there are specific administrative tools to delete messages or to remove the person from our community. Be professional.
  3. You should not agitate, advert, or provide any references to other distribution platforms. Free resources such as wikipedia, blogs and other similar free content are considered to be fine to go.
  4. Do not share any staff information or chat messages to outer sources. Consider our marketplace as your home and all members as your family – do not harm your colleagues.

2. Support Team Members

  1. Be kind to any member to our community, including non-customer members. Act professional, since every member is a potentional customer and is a basis of our community.
  2. Help our community members to solve their issues, don’t ignore them. In case you are not able to do it, have no time or etc – contact them and address some short information on the issue or describe the plan for solving this in the future reference.
  3. Do not delete messages, kick or ban community members without a strong argument for that action. In case you are not sure of your next action – open staff discuss on that case to solve the issue. Every deleted message will be logged.
  4. Never mention refund cases or anything that creates an evidence for a customer to get a refund. You may cause financial damage to an owner of the product even in the case where this is not an issue of the product itself. Contact staff or that vendor for further details and investigate the Terms of Service for the part of refund conditions for a future reference.

3. Vendors and Custom Work

  1. (Optional since 1st of April 2020) Every vendor willing to distribute scripted work (including custom work) will be examined by this test. To succeed, you should acquire 33\100 or more testing points, otherwise you will not be allowed to distribute scripted work until the test is passed. This test is required to avoid faulty and bad quality products based of poor scripting knowledge.
  2. Every vendor providing custom scripted work for our community members should use our specific website forms (contact staff) to avoid further issues of supporting that cases. Customers will not recieve any further support for the custom work orders not being processed through our gateway and will be redirected back to you. Use the official forms with Terms of Service applied to it. Your commission ratio will be kept at 95% of total price provided. Custom work is considered to be any work out of boundaries of products provided by service (including your products) – fixing the current product issues, for example, are not considered to be a custom work, but your straight obligation.
  3. Any provided custom work will follow your own conditions, timelines and rules and will be considered official if it doesn’t break the Terms of Service. You can charge any price and provide any work conditions on your own – everyting is strictly private. But be aware, that those conditions should be realistic to avoid futher disputes on that case. Consequtive custom work disputes will permanently detent you from custom work to avoid damage to our service reputation.
  4. You should not post the content similar to your products on other marketplaces or any other distributing platform, unless you get the agreement with our staff members. You can simply contact us anytime to discuss that case – we don’t want to limit you, we want to be aware of this situation and investigate the origin and legitimacy of that distribution platform. In case this distribution platform is considered illegal (leaking, cheating or similar websites) we will be forced to refuse you in your vendorship. We don’t want to damage our reputation and be accused of allegiance to mentioned websites or distribution platforms.
  5. Vendors are allowed to post products, content of which might have equal or similar concepts to already existing products distributed by other vendors, unless that concept is a case of theft or total plagiarism. Be genuine, and provide your own conceptual realization of a product – we will not indulge copycat vendors.
  6. Your products should not contain any malware code that might malfunction any other vendors products or other distribution platforms products. Your products are allowed to gather and distribute information only according to Terms of Service.
  7. You are allowed to advertise your own products, but do not force them to every person in our community. Do not spam and don’t use any third-party applications to make massive or scheduled advertisements.
  8. By becoming a vendor and using our community resources you should mention the origin of your products – be polite to our service and basis we provide to you and don’t desintegrate your work from our platform to a standalone projects.
  9. Vendors must format their addon names as asn_(author)_(addonname) where (author) can be optionally ignored and replaced with (addonname) straight. This is both technical and estetical solution that should be followed to avoid malfunctions. Example: asn_core, asn_demellion_boomstick.

Any staff member do automatically accept this code. Ignorance of this code doesn’t not provide any exempts from liability.

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