Punch system installation guide

Welcome to ArmaServicesNET Punch installation guide. Please follow these simple steps to avoid any errors while installing this module:

Step 1. In core folder then functions one, open fn_keyHandler.sqf and modify the part of the code where there is case 34, replace all the block with the given one.

Step 2. Copy the file CfgKaz_Punch.hpp in the config folder of your mission. Open the file then and edit it like you want.

Step 3. Open the description.ext and add the following line #include “config\CfgKaz_Punch.hpp”.

Step 4. Open CfgRemoteExec.hpp and add all of theses lines inside of it

F(kaz_punch_fnc_AnimPatate,ANYONE) F(kaz_punch_fnc_GrossePatate,ANYONE) F(kaz_punch_fnc_recevoirPatate,ANYONE)


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